We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

Methodical cooling tower hygiene secures operation and minimises costs

Rust, limescale and microbes pose a risk to flawless operation
In industrial production, many process steps produce large amounts of heat which need to be dissipated in an environmentally friendly and affordable manner, so efficient cooling water treatment is indispensable. Water has established itself as a heat transfer medium in any cooling circuit. The problem: In contact with the metal surfaces of pipes and heat exchangers, water causes corrosion and limescale, thus reducing the plants’ efficiency and service life. In addition, bacteria propagate in warm water, causing biofilms to make cooling systems less effective and sometimes posing a threat to humans and the environment.

Maximum safety with methodical cooling tower hygiene
Running a cooling tower with optimum hygiene and economy is only possible with a comprehensive treatment concept, meaning effective inhibitors for comprehensive corrosion protection, use of hardness stabilisers for sustainable protection from deposits and managed microbe control. Apart from appropriate chemicals, we ensure customised dosing and continuous customer care. Thanks to extensive research and development, our products are always one step ahead in terms of effectiveness and environmental protection.

Deposits increase the energy need
Trials have shown that 0.1mm of deposits is enough to impair the heat transfer by up to 8%. A deposit of 1mm reduces the heat transfer by as much as 25%, mainly because of limescale and slime deposits on heat exchanger surfaces. The thicker the biofilm the greater the cooling water current must be to dissipate the same amount of heat. The consequence: more pump power, more electricity use, more costs.

Hazard from dissolved particles
Another disruptive factor arises when deposits dissolve. If solid particles enter the cooling system circuit, they can jam pipes and damage the equipment, leading to costly malfunctions with production downtimes.


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