We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

Cooling tower hygiene for closed systems
Less rust. Less biofilm. Optimum efficiency.

Closed cooling systems are alternative solutions for dissipating medium amounts of heat. Unlike open cooling systems that leverage the medium’s evaporative cooling, closed cooling systems have another downstream cooling system.

Optimum corrosion inhibitors for more protection
Corrosion is the main problem in closed systems. It causes long-term damage to the material, leading to perforations and leaks. In addition, pipe diameters become smaller and hinder the heat transfer. The result: Sizable energy transmission loss and considerable depreciation. Our innovative corrosion inhibitors form a safe protective layer on the materials’ surfaces to reduce the ways in which corrosive water can attack.

Full protection for maximum operational safety
Closed systems are also threatened by bacteriological and biological exposure. If there are sufficient nutrients and if the temperature conditions are ideal, germs can start corrosion and biofilms. With a customised overall concept we enable you to operate your water-containing systems with procedural and economic maturity to realise maximum operational safety of your cooling systems with optimum efficiency.

Download Broschüre Kühlwasserbehandlung
Download Module für perfekte Kühlturm-Hygiene

Our overall concept for perfect cooling tower hygiene

  • Innovative corrosion inhibitors to protect from rust
  • Effective biocides and biodispersants eliminate bacteriological and biological strain
  • Prolonged service life to protect investments
  • Fewer repairs for lower follow-up costs
  • Less energy consumption
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Maximum operational safety
  • User-friendly water treatment systems
  • Competent on-site service


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