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We make your perfect water.
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42nd BImSchV.
The operational diary is now a legal obligation

The 42nd Ordinance on Evaporative Cooling Systems and Wet Separators (42nd BImSchV.) has been in force since August 2017. It contains numerous new obligations and specifications for the operators of cooling towers and wet separators. As a statutory regulation, it is not just a directive. It must be implemented and documented as a matter of urgency, otherwise the operator could face fines.

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One of these new obligations is the keeping of a manual or digital operating log.
It includes microbiological findings and operational data of the cooling system. In addition to regular chemical analyses, this includes the reference value of the general colony count, exceeding the test and measurement values, measures taken to restore cooling water hygiene, changes in the condition of the cooling system and the addition of biocides.
It must be available to the competent authority as well as to the competent expert at any time upon request.

The aqua-concept operational diary: simple, convenient and clear
The documentation of the plant operation with the help of an operation log should be quick and uncomplicated for the operator. Clear forms, clear structures and all information at your fingertips.
This is exactly what you get with our new company diary folder. Easy-to-understand forms that guide you clearly and securely through the entire operating year. All information at your fingertips. And enough space to file all external analyses precisely. It couldn't be simpler.


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