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Hazard assessments for wet separators
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The 42nd BImSchV has been in force since August 2017. It applies to all evaporative cooling systems, but also to the operators of wet separators. The 42nd BImSchV is not only a guideline as a statutory regulation. It must be implemented and documented.

These are the legal obligations for the operators of wet separators

  • Preparation of hazard assessments including action plans if limit values are exceeded even before the plant is put into operation by hygienically competent personnel
  • Keeping of an operating log and documentation of the samples
  • Regular laboratory tests of the service water with corresponding proofs
  • Establishment of reference values for germ contamination
  • Inspection of the plant every 5 years by experts or accredited inspection bodies

We ensure that your wet separators work in compliance with the law
Before commissioning the system, a risk assessment must be carried out with the participation of a hygienically competent person. The procedure is described in VDI 2047-2 and is based on common methods of risk assessment (e.g. TRBS and TRGS 400).
After a detailed inspection of the plant, our team of experts will prepare a comprehensive risk assessment for you, including a risk analysis and a risk assessment.
Using innovative endoscopy technology, we examine your exhaust air ducts and detect dangerous deposits even before the development of cross-border germ contamination.

Which wet separators do not fall under the 42nd BImSchV?

  • Wet separators in which the process water has a permanent pH value of 4 or less or a pH value of 10 or more.
  • Wet separators in which the exhaust gas is heated to at least 72 degrees Celsius for at least 10 seconds after leaving the separator to ensure that dry exhaust gas is discharged.
  • Wet separators which are operated exclusively with fresh water in continuous operation.

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