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We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

GreenProducts by coracon®
Good for the environment. Powerful in applications. Economical in use.

We have an integral perspective of climate and environmental protection. When developing our GreenProducts, our main focus is therefore on an eco-conscious choice of raw materials and sustainable production processes. The entire antifreeze components and inhibitor bundles used in our GreenProducts are made from renewable raw materials. They are non-toxic, biodegradable and not flammable. They contain neither carcinogenic, mutagenic nor reprotoxic substances and can be used in near-food areas without any concerns. They are produced from nothing but innovative, environmentally friendly and CO2-reduced processes. Our GreenProducts help you reach your sustainability targets without forgoing quality and performance.

coracon® GreenProducts based on Susterra®
The antifreeze component 1,3 propanediol used here consists of 100 % plants and is completely free of mineral oil. It is not produced by the classic crude oil refinery process, but by proprietary fermentation processing with vegetable glycose. As a result, the production of our product base generates 56% less CO2 emissions and uses 42% less energy than conventional production processes.

coracon® GreenProducts from organic acid
The antifreeze component used here is based on an organic acid produced by a fermentation process of renewable raw materials. Through a specific neutralization process, an excellent antifreeze property is developed with a corrosion-protective effect at the same time. The result: The products impress with their low viscosity and very good heat transfer. They are 100% vegetable, require fewer inhibitors and are produced with minimal emissions and energy.

coracon® WT EKO F: Ecological heat transfer fluid (ready-mix)
Long-term frost and corrosion protection ready-to-use mixture for use as heat transfer fluid in building services engineering, geothermal energy and heat pump systems

coracon® SOL EKO F: Ecological solar fluid (ready-mix)
Heat transfer medium for solar systems subject to higher temperatures with an antifreeze component made of renewable raw materials

coracon® LT EKO F: Heat transfer fluid for the low temperature range up to approx. - 30 °C
Biological heat transfer fluid for low temperature applications in the food industry


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