We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® heat transfer fluids for geothermal energy
More output. More sustainability. Lower costs.

40 % of CO2 emissions are generated by our building heating systems. For us, heating usually means oil or natural gas.
Geothermal energy is a perfect alternative. Whether for heating or cooling. It is the future of climate management. It is renewable, inexhaustible and available everywhere, CO2-free and therefore absolutely environmentally friendly.

First geothermal cooling brine completely without glycols and triazoles

The coracon® LT EKO F-15 is the first geothermal cooling brine that is completely in line with the spirit of without glycols and triazoles.

  • Made from renewable raw materials and water.
  • LAWA listed
  • Without genetic engineering
  • 50 % less CO2 emissions during production
  • 100 % better heat transfer
  • 10 % more cooling capacity than commercial products
  • Suitable for water protection areas

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The overall system must be right
A geothermal system consists of a geothermal probe, a circulating pump and the evaporator of the heat pump. The heat transfer fluid circulates in this circuit. The efficiency of the system depends largely on the efficiency and stability of the heat transfer fluid.

Optimum heat transfer, ideal corrosion protection and best environmental compatibility
The new coracon® GEKO products guarantee highly efficient mileage, optimum system protection and enable geothermal energy even in water protection areas. They are based on an antifreeze agent and the two components water and inhibitors as corrosion protection.

Efficient and environmentally friendly
By the increased addition of inhibitors it is possible to minimize the minimum application concentration (MEK) of coracon® GEKO products to only 10 %. This means that 90 % of the brine liquid can consist of water. For comparison: Common heat transfer media
liquids work with a MEK of over 25 %. The high water content reduces the viscosity of the heat transfer fluid, the required drive power of the pumps is reduced. The total consumption costs are thus considerably lower than with conventional cooling brine concentrates. And: all inhibitors are fully biodegradable. 

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Ministry of the Environment presents IKU Prize for Geothermal Innovation

Innovative geothermal probe meets innovative heat transfer fluid. Together with the company geoKOAX GmbH, we have developed a unique overall concept for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly geothermal solution. The system consists of the patented geoKOAX geothermal probe and our environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid coracon® GEKO. It is optimally matched to the properties of the geoKOAX probe and turns innovative hardware into a perfect overall system.
In 2016 we were awarded the Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment IKU by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federation of German Industries (BDI).
More information at www.geokoax.com



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