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We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® antifreeze products for heating systems
Temperature-stable. Environmentally friendly. Safe.

Adding antifreeze products is often unavoidable to avoid frost damage to your heating system. Our coracon® antifreeze products for heating systems offer you environmentally friendly and temperature-stable antifreeze concentrates based on glycols, corrosion inhibitors and stabilisers. They can be universally used as antifreeze, anticorrosive or as heat- or cold-transfer media in heating or cooling systems.

coracon® heating antifreeze provides safety and saves money
Thanks to our coracon® antifreeze products, you can turn off heating systems for a short time even when it freezes, without losing their functional efficiency. Temporarily used facilities such as gyms, holiday homes, churches, schools and venues can save significant amounts of energy costs.

coracon® HF 6: Heizungsfrostschutz

  • Umweltfreundliches Wärmeübertragungs- und Frostschutzmittel für Wasserheizungssysteme
  • Einsetzbar zum Schutz vor Frostschäden bei ausgeschalteter Heizanlage in gewerblichen und privaten Anlagen
  • Optimaler Korrosionsschutz für alle im System verwendeten Metalle
    (auch Kupfer und Aluminium)
  • Verhinderung von Schichtbildungen und Ablagerungen
  • Mit Wasser mischbar und auf gewünschten Frostschutz individuell einstellbar
  • Nitrit-, phosphat- und sekundär aminfrei
  • Kein Gefahrstoff, kein Gefahrgut, keine CMR-Stoffe 

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  • Nitritfrei, phosphatfrei, sekundär aminfrei, boratfrei, silikatfrei, frei von 2-Ethylhexansäure
  • Korrosionsschutz auf OAT-Basis (Organic Acid Type)
  • Biologisch abbaubar
  • Farbe:klar, leicht gelblich
  • Frostschutzbasis: 1.2-Propandiol
  • Spezifisches Gewicht: 1,05 g/ml (DIN 51757)
  • pH-Wert (1:1 mit neutr. Wasser): 7,5 -8,5 (ASTM-D 1287)
  • Wärmeleitfähigkeit (bei 20 °C): 0,22 W/m*K
  • Siedepunkt (°C):> 138 (ASTM-D 1120)
  • Flammpunkt (°C): > 100 (ASTM-D 51758)
  • Kein Gefahrgut –Wassergefährdungsklasse 1

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Why use professional heating antifreeze and not any antifreeze for car radiators or windscreen wipers?

Buying antifreeze for car radiators or windscreen wipers in your local DIY market is cheaper, but you will soon witness a lot of problems damaging your heating system and causing unnecessary follow-up costs. On top of that, you also damage the environment and risk massive health issues.

Our coracon® antifreeze products for heating systems consist of an environmentally and material compatible antifreeze base and are free from silicates and borates.

  • Antifreeze for windscreen wipers contains ethanol which, when it evaporates in the heating system, may pose an explosion hazard.
  • Antifreeze for car radiators contains large quantities of ethylene glycol and is classified as harmful to health.
  • Antifreeze for car radiators contains silicates which, when the pH value drops, act like razor blades in your heating system, successively destroying seals and pumps.

Why not simply drain water from the heating system?

When draining the heating system, oxygen can enter the heating circuit and leave some residual moisture. Both are extremely corrosive and damage the entire system.

What can you do yourself?

With a bit of technical aptitude, filling your heating system with our coracon® antifreeze products is something you can easily do yourself. All you need is a filling pump such as coracon® KAPU 5: Canister filling pump .
Prior to filling, dilute our antifreeze for heating systems at a ratio of 1:1 with water. This facilitates an effective distribution of the contained glycol throughout the heating circuit.


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