We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

Rehabilitation of old heating systems
Less consumption. Lower costs. More sustainability.

Corrosion and sludge considerably minimize the efficiency of a heating system. With our professional renovation systems, we mobilize the hidden savings potential of your system and reduce your ongoing heating costs sustainably.
Our intelligent solutions enable a successive renovation during operation.
Whether filtration systems or specific cleaning products. We have the right solution for every heating system.

Refurbishment during operation
Heating systems that have been filled with non-standard water, are silted up and do not comply with VDI 2035 due to their high conductivity and water hardness can be refurbished during operation without having to be refilled.
Rust, deposits and sludge are mobilised by coracon® CLEAN with the corresponding chemical components, protected and filtered out by coracon® SLIMY 2/8 off-line filtration. The coracon® SALTY 7, which extracts the salts/hardness from the purified water and reduces the conductivity value to < 10 µS/cm in accordance with VDI 2035, can be connected downstream. After the cleaning process, the heating protection concentrate coracon® HE 6+ is added to the water in order to protect the system in the long term.

coracon® CARE: Cleaning and refurbishment of heating and cooling systems

Efficient and sustainable renovation of heating systems during operation

Download prdouct sheet coracon® CARE

coracon® CLEAN: Heating System Cleaner

Mobilisation and dispersion of loose components in the heating system as a preparatory measure for sustainable cleaning of the entire system

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coracon® SLIMY 8: Mobile filtration system for cooling and heating circuits

For filtration of dirt and sludge during operation without draining the circuit water

Download prdouct sheet coracon® SLIMY 8

coracon® SALTY 7: Mobile softening and desalination

Production of soft water or demineralised water from the existing drinking water system for filling heating systems

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coracon® HE 6+: Heating protection concentrate

Completely molybdenum-free concentrate to prevent corrosion, improve heat transfer and stabilise the pH value

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