We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® heat transfer fluids for industrial and building technology
More safety. More effect. Lower costs.

As a heat exchanger, water is an important component for almost all areas of industrial and plant engineering. It must neither freeze at low temperatures nor evaporate at high temperatures. The innovative coracon® heat transfer fluids offer optimal solutions both for the low-temperature range and for the high-temperature range. Our special antifreeze components guarantee optimum system protection for every application and temperature range.


First glycol-free heat transfer fluid with NSF approval

The coracon® LT EKO F-30 is the first cooling brine to be completely without glycols and triazoles.

  • Made from renewable raw materials and water.
  • NSF listed and kosher certified
  • Without genetic engineering
  • Minimal risk potential
  • 50 % less CO2 emission during production
  • 10 % more cooling capacity than with commercially available products
  • Less power consumption, lower costs
  • Excellent corrosion protection without additional additives
  • Frost protection down to -30 °C
  • Main applications: Cold stores, deep-freeze counters, etc.

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Safety for every temperature range
Even at low temperatures, coracon® heat transfer fluids have a high thermal conductivity and low viscosity. The result: the drive power of the pumps is reduced. The result: increased efficiency and minimal environmental impact. The energy saving is considerable. The active ingredient content of our concentrates is compressed in such a way that even small quantities are sufficient for dosing. In addition, the coracon® heat transfer fluid
liquids have long-term stability and are characterized by high material compatibility. This is easy on the wallet and the environment.

Can be used in food-related and nwg areas
coracon® products are suitable for areas close to foodstuffs and wherever the use of non-water-hazardous products (nwg) is required.
Our products with the anti-freeze base Bio-Glykol are manufactured from renewable raw materials. Glycol production is not carried out by a refinery process as usual, but by means of a biological process. This reduces CO2 emissions by up to 50 %. 

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