We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.

Our quality targets
Premium. Uniform. Sustainable.

Business objectives

  • We always want to be a reliable contact for our customers;
  • We want to deliver quality at reasonable prices;
  • We want to offer a solid service;
  • We want to manufacture high-quality products;
  • We want to satisfy our customers’ requests quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Quality policy

  • We deliver quality work for our customers, for the success of our company and for safeguarding our jobs.
  • We want all of our employees to contribute to flawless performance.
  • Preventative quality work is aimed at avoiding mistakes and at ensuring continuous evolution.
  • Regular training and further development opportunities ensure that our employees can reach their full potential, reinforcing their identification with us and their quality awareness.
  • Management and employees obligate themselves to take all the measures required to realise and maintain our quality policy and to ensure and check the accomplishment of our quality targets.
  • Derived from the quality policy, management defines targets to fulfil the demands on the company’s services.
    These targets are concluded and assessed on various levels.

Quality targets

  • Continuing the successful service and trade relationships;
  • Optimising the quality standards of our products and process flows;
  • Substantiated customer consultations for even more customer satisfaction;
  • Minimising error probability by consistently applying our quality management system.

Service Center

We can help quickly and competently.

Your contact: 
Dr. Andreas Detig
Managing director
Phone: +49 (0) 89 899 369-0
E-mail: a.detig@aqua-concept-gmbh.eu