We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® HEIWA: Heating water analysis
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Metal materials in hot water circuits are prone to corrosion. If the system cannot run without oxygen, corrosion is the most common cause for malfunctions and damage.
Concentrating dissolved constituents can cause deposits from poorly soluble sulphates, phosphates and iron compounds. The consequence: defective materials, increased operating costs and malfunctions.

Fields of application

  • General control of system water quality
  • Commissioning of a new heating system
  • Search for a cause of damage as part of an expert opinion
  • Clarification of requirements and follow-up inspection of corrosion protection measures
  • Demand clarification and follow-up control of a system cleaning

Advantages of coracon® HEIWA

  • Easy handling
  • Personal interpretation of valid results
  • Suggested solutions for optimization

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The following parameters are examined

Thermal circuits in gas systems also have to be analysed every two years

The VDI 2035 standard applies to closed heating systems with a maximum flow temperature of 100°C. Periodic heating water analyses are urgently recommended here.
According to DVGW G 495 11/15, the heating water of gas systems also needs to be periodically analysed and checked as of now. VDI 2035 Sheet 1 and 2 along with DIN EN 12502-5 serve as a guide for collecting the numerous parameters.


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