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We make your perfect water.
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Hazard assessment compliant with VDI 2047
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The objective of optimum cooling tower hygiene is also to run an evaporative cooling plant with the lowest possible hygiene risk. According to the VDI 2017 standard, all cooling tower operators are required to compile a hazard assessment consisting of risk analysis, risk assessment, action plan and documentation for the entire operation and define competencies and responsibilities. The hazard assessment needs to be performed by hygiene experts.

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Across Germany, our certified experts provide professional hazard assessments according to the VDI 2047-2 standard. After close examination of your plant, we will compare target and actual situation in terms of hygiene and technology. Our experts will systematically work through all the elements of your hazard assessment, develop a substantiated expert opinion and explain all the individual measures to you in detail.

Hazard assessment compliant with VDI 2047

  • Risk analysis:
    During risk analysis, we will identify hazards and examine the risk in terms of the hazards’ potential scope of damage and probability of occurrence.
  • Risk assessment incl. catalogue of measures:
    During risk assessment, we will focus on the risks in terms of their potential impact on hygiene safety, and will develop an action plan for your plant.
  • Documentation:
    We collect all the parameters and document each individual step. You will receive a substantiated expert opinion of your plant as a reliable aid for making decisions about your plant’s long-term optimisation.

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