We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

Corrosion protection, cleaning and maintenance for sprinkler systems
Less rust. Fewer deposits. More safety.

Sprinkler systems protect life, material assets and buildings. They prevent a fire from turning into a major blaze. Therefore, 100% functional safety has top priority. Only professional anticorrosives and periodic maintenance can ensure this level of safety because once pipework or nozzles are jammed with rust particles or other deposits, nothing goes if there is an emergency. According to bvfa (federation of German manufacturers and producers of products and systems for preventative technical fire protection), fire fighting has a 98% chance of success with sound technical fire protection.

Anticorrosive and cleaning agent all in one
The new coragard® CS 342 is a sprinkler product combining our innovative corrosion inhibitors with active cleaning ingredients. Therefore, coragard® CS 342 protects your system not only from rust and limescale but also ensures that deposits are successively removed from the pipework.

Compliance with applicable VdS standards for sprinkler systems
Our new anticorrosive and cleaning agent, coragard® CS 342, is the first and as yet only product on the market that is certified according to the new tighter VdS standards and therefore ensures optimum safety for your sprinkler systems.

Professional maintenance for lower costs and more safety
Fire regulations obligate you to perform periodic maintenance of your sprinkler systems. We offer you an overall concept saving you a lot of work and, above all, high follow-up costs. After an analytical system survey, we will prepare a customised solution for your installation. You will then receive a quotation free of charge and an exact implementation schedule. Regular support from our experts will significantly reduce your maintenance and follow-up costs. Functional safety guaranteed.

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coragard® CS 342 for optimum protection of your sprinkler system

  • VdS approval ensures maximum operational safety
  • Protective layer formation in pipework stops corrosion
  • Cleaning effect from dispersing suspended solids
  • No jammed pipework
  • Less subsequent damage
  • Lower upkeep costs
  • Longer system service life
  • Suitable for wet or dry sprinkler systems and for foam extinguishing systems

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