We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.

Research and development
Leading-edge. Eco-conscious. Sustainable.

Water is a mysterious substance. Despite 200 years of water research, science has not yet been able to get to the bottom of it. In many ways, water behaves differently to what it should do in theory. A lot of experimenting and researching goes on all over the world. Every day brings new insights and confirms experiences.

Panta rhei - everything is in flow

To ensure that our water continues to be in flow we must not stop at our current level of knowledge. Using systematic development, we aspire to enlarge our product range for water treatment and customise it to different types of applications.
With many decades of research, our chemists and biologists have acquired a wealth of knowledge encompassing virtually the entire spectrum of water treatment for residential, industrial and commercial use. Our ground-breaking processes and products help to ensure a continuing maximum of safety, hygiene and health when handling the precious elixir of life-water-on a daily basis.

Optimum environmental safety is our top priority

In so doing, protecting the environment is our core responsibility. Resource-efficient production, using environmentally safe active ingredients and effective combinations of active ingredients so only small amounts of the products are required, are the parameters our research is based on.

Research and development by aqua-concept

  • Evolving our products with use-optimisation, economy and the environment in focus
  • Extension of our product range
  • Microeconomic optimisation of all products and processes

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