We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

Chemical water treatment
No rust. No limescale. No legionella.

Unlike physical water treatment where constituents are removed from the water with the help of a variety of processes, chemical water treatment works by adding substances to the water to make it useful.

Anticorrosive against rust
Our highly efficient anticorrosives offer optimum protection for any material installed in the system. Sometimes they are completely free from molybdenum and particularly environmentally safe in their composition. As we are constantly evolving our combinations of active ingredients in our in-house laboratory, we also ensure particularly low usage concentrations, yet maximum efficiency.

Hardness stabilisers against limescale
Evaporating water and constantly refilled non-softened make-up water lead to salt deposits. The concentration of dissolved salts increases and results in deposits. Systematic use of our highly effective hardness stabilisers raise the salts’ solubility limit to prevent them from forming deposits in the system. Aside from purely chemical water treatment, we also offer physical water treatment using, e.g., softening plants and reverse osmosis systems, to further reduce the salt content.

Biocides against microbial growth
Biocides combat microorganisms such as slime-producing bacteria, legionella, algae and fungi. Our biocide products are highly effective even in low doses and reliably eliminate unpleasant odours. They have a very short half-life and degrade quickly. All of our biocides’ active ingredients are registered according to the biocide ordinance.

Hardness stabilisers against limescale
While biocides kill hazardous microorganisms and prevent further microbial growth, they cannot dissolve the slime where these organisms propagate. Therefore, tough contamination requires the additional use of biodispersants. They can dissolve slime layers where microorganisms propagate and prevent their new formation.


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