We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

Physical water treatment
Safe. Clean. Without chemistry.

Unlike chemical water treatment where water is made useful by adding substances, physical water treatment works by removing harmful constituents from water with the help of a variety of processes. We have the right systems engineering for it. Whether as an individual unit or a custom concept for your overall system. Our technology is easy and convenient to use, can be customised for connection to all types of interfaces and will document all processes electronically.

Softening plants against limescale
Many regions have a problem with hard water. It contains too much calcium and damages pipework and valves. It impacts functional safety and shortens the service life. Our tried and tested softening plants are based on ion exchange using a special resin and exchanging magnesium and calcium ions in water for sodium ions. The plants mostly consist of two structurally identical containers in the shape of a pillar. When the capacity of one pillar is exhausted, the second one starts up while the first one regenerates. In the pillar, hard water flows top-down through a control valve, is guided through the ion exchanger resin and then rises back up. Limescale stays in the resin, which needs to be regenerated regularly. This physical water treatment makes the water soft and removes virtually all the limescale.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum functional safety
  • Maximum preservation
  • No limescale in pipes and valves
  • Single or dual softening plants

Reverse osmosis systems for full desalination
Modern process flows more and more often require cooling water low in salt and/or process water with an extremely low salt content. Physical water treatment using the reverse osmosis principle is the most thorough method to achieve this. Reverse osmosis is a filtration process where substances on a molecular level are filtered from the water (nano filtration). The problem: If the plant was not planned well, inexpertly installed or if there is no periodic maintenance, the complete process flow is in danger. Leverage our knowledge and our many years of experience. We can plan your plant according to your projects, build it exclusively from brand name components and take care of its installation.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum functional reliability
  • Maximum value retention
  • High performance
  • Extremely good permeate quality

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