We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.

Our history
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Our milestones from 2016 to 2017

  • January 2016: aqua-concept GmbH together with the company geoKOAX received the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment (IKU) 2015 awarded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). The complete system consisting of innovative geothermal probe technology and highly efficient heat transfer fluid can even be used in drinking water protection areas.
  • January 2016: The new coracon® GEKO WF is the first heat transfer fluid to be classified as non-toxic to water (nwg).
  • February 2016: aqua-concept presents its latest heating protection products and innovative heat transfer fluids for the first time at the Energiesparmesse in Wels, Austria.
  • February 2016: aqua-concept presents its highly efficient and sustainable coracon® heat transfer fluids at Europe's leading geothermal trade fair Geotherm in Offenburg.
  • April 2016: With coragard® CS 342 aqua-concept launches for the first time a corrosion and cleaning product for sprinkler systems that complies with the current VdS guidelines.
  • June 2016: aqua-concept now offers antifreeze measurements of heat transfer fluids according to ASTM D 1177 standard.
  • September 2016: aqua-concept has received official approval from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to test the biological biocide Biomeba in evaporative cooling systems and recooling plants throughout Germany.
  • October 2016: aqua-concept presents new ecological heat transfer fluids and innovative solutions for environmentally conscious cooling tower hygiene at Chillventa in Nuremberg. These include Biomeba, the first biological biocide for disinfecting evaporative cooling systems and recooling plants.
  • October 2016: The innovative nwg heat transfer fluids coracon® GEKO W and coracon® GEKO WF have been put on the positive list by the German Working Group on Water (LAWA). They are the first non-water endangering (nwg) products for near-surface geothermal projects and were developed especially for regions with high environmental requirements.
  • August 2016: aqua-concept celebrates its 25th company anniversary with a hearty raft ride on the Isar.
  • December 2016: The anniversary year 2016 ends with the highest annual turnover and the highest turnover in the company's history.
  • The constantly increasing demand from new customers confirms our market-oriented positioning with highly innovative products and services.
  • February 2017: TÜV Süd confirms the harmlessness of coracon® VE 9 and coracon® HE 6+ compared to plastics in a theoretical test.
  • March 2017: aqua-concept presents its latest molybdenum-free heating protection products and innovative nwg heat transfer fluids at the ISH in Frankfurt.
  • March 2017: aqua-concept presents its new biological biocide Biomeba for evaporative cooling systems and recooling plants at Wasser International Berlin.
  • April 2017: aqua-concept receives the updated certificate "Fachbetrieb nach WHG" from TÜV Süd.
  • July 2017: The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) has published the 42nd Ordinance on Evaporative Cooling Systems and Wet Separators (42nd BImSchV.) in the Federal Gazette. It will enter into force on 19 August 2017 and contains numerous new obligations and requirements for plant operators.
  • September 2017: aqua-concept welcomes the 1,000th training participant to its VDI 2047 training course.
  • October 2017: aqua-concept takes part in the VDI Knowledge Forum in Düsseldorf
  • October 2017: The 42nd BImSchV also applies to the real estate industry - die Schicht GmbH informs
  • December 2017: CO2-neutral production and renewable raw materials - aqua-concept sets new standards for environmentally friendly heat transfer fluids with its new product line coracon® GreenProducts.
  • As in previous years, sales and customer base can be expanded in all divisions.

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