We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

The first biological biocide for evaporative cooling plants

BIOMEBA represents an ideal alternative to disinfecting the water of evaporative cooling plants and recooling plants, which so far was only possible using chemical agents. This biological biocide is a type of amoeba that feeds on germs such as legionella, pseudomonas or listeria, providing a totally natural means of water disinfection.

Nature instead of chemistry
BIOMEBA is a not genetically modified bacteriophage amoeba. Chemical biocides are not very adept at attacking a system’s biofilm to destroy the legionella breeding grounds inside. As a biological product, BIOMEBA penetrates biofilm by nature to completely devour it from within.

No chance for legionella
BIOMEBA is a natural enemy of legionella, pathogenic bacteria (in particular pseudomonas, listeria, klebsiella, etc.) and wild amoebas.  As a biological disinfectant in industrial environments, BIOMEBA has proven its great effectiveness in water circuits and biofilms alike.

Less cleaning effort
BIOMEBA is compatible with common hardness stabilisers and anticorrosives. Regardless of the type of water treatment, any system can benefit from BIOMEBA’s preserving and efficient mode of action. It poses significantly less strain on plants so they will need to be cleaned less often.

Reduced biocide use
The product is continually added to the treated fresh water. It will bring the entire biological growth under control. The first treatment with BIOMEBA will already see stabilisation and reduction of the system’s entire microbiology. Thanks to BIOMEBA’s stability across a broad range of temperatures and pH values, biocide use can be significantly reduced compared to chemical oxidative biocides.

Absolutely harmless to humans and nature
BIOMEBA was analysed in terms of toxicology, eco-toxicology and pathogens. So far, the independent studies that were conducted in accordance with OECD and EPA (OCSPP) requirements have shown no risk whatsoever for humans and the environment. And: BIOMEBA is non-hazardous to water (no-WHC!).

France is a pioneer
BIOMEBA is a product of the French company Amoeba S.A. and has been used in France for around five years. Numerous French reference projects, from Arcelor Mittal to Häagen Dazs, vouch for BIOMEBA’s reliable and environmentally friendly effectiveness. aqua-concept has been cooperating with the French company since 2015 and has secured exclusive rights for test runs across Germany. The first trials are already successfully underway. Final market approval for Germany is expected by spring 2018.

The highlights

  • As an amoeba, BIOMEBA is the natural enemy of legionella and pathogenic bacteria
  • BIOMEBA is 100% natural and not genetically modified
  • BIOMEBA is more effective than chemical biocides because it destroys biofilm from within
  • BIOMEBA is suitable for industrial use in water circuits and against biofilm
  • BIOMEBA preserves your plant while minimising cleaning effort and biocide usage

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