We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

42nd Federal Immission Control Act
In future, evaporative cooling plants, cooling towers and wet scrubbers will be monitored better

Wherever warm water is stored, legionella are lurking - be it in water pipes, air-conditioning systems or swimming pools. It only takes a few of those bacteria to cause a serious bout of pneumonia. The Robert Koch institute estimates the number of new cases in Germany at approximately 6,000 to 10,000 per year. CAPNETZ’ (competence network for Community-Acquired Pneumonia) projections go even further, stating 15,000 to 30,000 cases annually of pneumonia not acquired in hospitals, meaning that 4 % of pneumonia cases in Germany, that were not acquired in hospitals, are caused by legionella infections. The mortality rate is estimated at up to 10%, so we have to assume around 3,000 fatalities per year. This is almost the same as the number of road fatalities per year in Germany.


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