We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.

Sustainable. Effective. Everything in the green.

Water is not only one of the most vital staple foods but also plays an outstanding role in various industrial areas. Only in very rare cases, however, is it possible to use water as it was originally obtained. Therefore, optimum treatment is a basic requirement for efficient use of water.

Climate change, global warming and dwindling resources force us to act in a more sustainable way. That is why we want to make the world of water treatment not only more effective, but more importantly, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Consistent research and development of innovative products in our laboratory is therefore at the core of our company philosophy. We call it green innovation. With our GreenProducts and technical expertise, we want to contribute to making water treatment cleaner, more effective and, in the long term, more inexpensive for our customers.

Sustainable eco-production with renewable raw materials

The amount of renewable raw materials in a product is a significant indicator for assessing how environmentally friendly a product is. This aspect also plays an important role in developing environmentally friendly heat transfer fluids. Thanks to intense product and application research, aqua-concept is now in a position to offer its customers a comprehensive portfolio of products based on renewable resources.

The GreenProducts benefits for you

  • Very good environmental footprint
  • Less product and electricity use
  • High performance
  • Optimum protection against rust, limescale and deposits
  • Can be used in near-food areas

GreenProducts benefits for the environment

  • Manufactured from renewable raw materials
  • Biodegradable
  • No toxic compounds or by-products
  • No CMR substances
    Not carcinogenic, not mutagenic, not reprotoxic)
  • Free from ozone-depleting chemicals
  • Up to 40% fewer CO2 emissions during raw material production
  • Efficient combinations of active ingredients for low use concentration

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