We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® cooling water filter for large motors
Long service life. Safe use. More sustainability.

Whether automotive, seafaring, paper, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. Wherever large motors are at work, high-quality cooling water filters are used. They increase the motors’ service life and improve the cooling water’s replacement intervals. This is of particular relevance for utility vehicles, motor test benches, ships or cogeneration units with cooling water volumes of more than 100 litres.

Canister filters

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Screw-on filters

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Filter head

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Good filters let motors live longer
Our coracon® cooling water filters reliably and effectively filter foreign bodies such as casting sand, abrasion, oxidation products or decomposition particles from the cooling medium, enormously improving the motor cooling effect and noticeably prolonging the service life, making motor damage from limescale, silting or erosion a thing of the past. Cooling and heat transfer in the circuit is sustainably ensured for the long term.

Modular structure increases economy
Our water filters are suited for any type of closed hot water circuit with a capacity of 100 up to more than 1,000 litres. coracon® cooling water filters take full effect at temperatures of up to 125°C and at operating pressures of up to a maximum of 4 bar.<br/> The filters have been designed as bypass installations. Thanks to their modular structure, replacing or retrofitting the filter insert is quick and easy. And: The housing is reusable. The result: lower costs and more sustainability.

Canister filters and screw-on filters for customised solutions

Basically, there are two filtration options for motor cooling—filter cartridges or canister filters with integrated filter insert.

  • coracon® canister filters
    Consist of a housing, a filter insert and a connection piece. Its core is our coracon® replacement element. The canister filter system is a high-quality product that effectively and safely works in any temperature range and at any operating pressure.
  • coracon® screw-on filters
    Are suited for water treatment in closed hot water circuits such as in construction machines, utility vehicles or agricultural machine technology. coracon® screw-on filters are available with or without anticorrosive chemicals. We also develop customised system solutions.

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