We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial Water

Cooling water treatment for open systems
Less rust. Fewer deposits. Lower costs.

Open cooling systems with evaporative cooling towers are often used to dissipate particularly large amounts of heat. A maximum of operational safety and functionality is required to operate such systems economically and hygienically. Corrosion, salt deposits and microbial growth are a constant threat.

In cooling water treatment, not all water is alike
Consistent and customised water treatment is required for economical and safe operation. Professional water treatment acts upon two essential parameters. The material used in the system and the composition of the raw water quality with its marked regional variations. Following in-depth analyses, we will design the ideal water management system for you. Spot-on and environmentally sound. And: The implementation takes place during ongoing operation It usually requires no system downtimes.

Download Broschüre Kühlwasserbehandlung
Download Module für perfekte Kühlturm-Hygiene

Our concept for safe cooling tower operation

  • Innovative inhibitors as anticorrosive
  • Hardness stabilisers and blowdown to prevent limescale deposits
  • Hardness stabilisation to prevent biofilm build-ups
  • Environmentally friendly biocides to reduce microbial growth
  • Prolonged service life to protect investments
  • Fewer repairs for lower follow-up costs
  • Less energy consumption
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Competent on-site service

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