We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Industrial water

Boiler water treatment
No boiler scale. No rust. No overheating.

Malfunctions in steam systems are most often caused by issues with the boiler water. It is in particular deposits such as boiler scale, oxygen corrosion and local overheating that endanger operational safety and can cause significant damage. Properly treating boiler water and complying with technical guidelines is therefore a decisive factor to ensure economical, failure-free and safe system operation.

Our customised full-service concept for boiler water treatment
Quality and composition of boiler feed water vary greatly. Getting the perfect feed water treatment off the shelf is therefore nearly impossible.
This is why our competent expert personnel will develop a customised system plan for you. We will examine your plant, analyse its water and then develop a dedicated concept for economically and ecologically sensible boiler water treatment.
With our hydrazine- and phosphate-free speciality products and our innovative systems engineering, we are able to address virtually any system condition.

Unser individuelles Rundum-Konzept für Kesselwasseraufbereitung
Die Qualität und die Zusammensetzung von Kesselspeisewasser unterliegt starken Schwankungen. Eine optimale Speisewasseraufbereitung von der Stange ist daher meist unmöglich.
Daher erstellt unser kompetentes Fachpersonal für Sie ein individuelles System-Programm. Wir begutachten Ihre Anlage, analysieren das Wasser und entwickeln dann ein individuelles Konzept für eine wirtschaftliche und ökologisch sinnvolle Kesselwasserbehandlung.
Mit unseren hydrazin- und phosphatfreien Spezialprodukten sowie unserer innovativen Anlagentechnik können wir auf nahezu alle Systembedingungen reagieren.


Unsere Dampfkessel Spezialprodukte

  • Sauerstoffbindemittel
  • Kesselsteingegenmittel
  • Korrosionsschutzmittel


Steam boiler treatment by aqua-concept

  • More heat transfer
  • More water throughput
  • More operational safety
  • More value preservation
  • Less material damage
  • Fewer standstill times and production losses
  • Lower energy and water costs
  • Lower system cleaning costs
  • Improved environmental footprint
  • Compliance with TRD 611

Service Center

We can help quickly and competently.

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