We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® solar fluids
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For solar systems to function optimally, it is important to use the optimum heat transfer fluid. This is the only way to guarantee efficient heat transfer and protect the thermal system from forest and corrosion damage.
The solar fluid must not freeze in winter and must remain stable in changing states of aggregation. The special antifreeze components and corrosion inhibitors of coracon® solar fluids protect the systems safely and sustainably. The low viscosity also significantly increases efficiency.

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All-round program for maximum heat transfer

  • Heat transfer fluids:
    coracon® solar liquids are available as concentrate or as ready-to-use liquid. They are suitable for both flat collectors and heat pipe vacuum tubes. In addition to reliable frost protection and high evaporation resistance, they prevent corrosion, layer formation and deposits.
  • Cleaning fluids:
    The coracon® cleaning fluids clean thermally overloaded solar systems, where cracking processes of the glycols occur. This prevents clogging of the collector.
  • Service and equipment:
    From diagnostic equipment to filling technology, we have everything you need for solar systems.
    In our own laboratory we can also carry out pH value and antifreeze tests on a large scale. brochure heat transfer media for solar systems

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