We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
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Our training for the 42nd BImSchV
New obligations for all operators of evaporative cooling systems and wet separators

In our training you will learn everything you need to know about the new 42nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance. And: We will explain to you how you can implement the new obligations and tasks in accordance with the law and on schedule.
By 19 September 2017, all plant operators had to have carried out a first Legionella test. Over 100,000 plants are affected. So hurry up and secure your training place. The number of participants is limited.

For whom are our BImSchV training courses important:

  • Responsible operators of recooling plants
  • Project and property managers, facility managers
  • Planning offices, plant constructors, service providers
  • Hygiene specialists, occupational safety specialists

Our seminar topics:

  • Scope of application of the 42nd BImSchV
  • New obligations and tasks for operators by the 42nd BImSchV
    Reporting obligation
    Documentation obligation
    Microbiological tests
    Maintenance obligations
  • Plant-specific operating log according to the requirements of the 42nd BImSchV
  • Recommendations for action and checklists
  • Overlaps to VDI 2047 Sheet 2
  • Other relevant laws, regulations and technical rules

VDI 2047 Trainings GBG partner trainings for VDI 2047

Wer braucht die Schulungen

  • Verantwortliche Betreiber von Rückkühlwerken
  • Projektverantwortliche
  • Facility-Manager
  • Planungsbüros
  • Anlagenbauer
  • Hygienefachkräfte
  • Fachkräfte für Arbeitssicherheit

Infos zur VDI 2047 Schulung

Unsere Seminarthemen

  • Geltungsbereich der 42. BImSchV
  • Neue Pflichten und Aufgaben für Betreiber durch die 42. BImSchV
    Meldepflicht, Dokumentationspflicht, Mikrobiologische Untersuchungen, Wartungspflichten
  • Anlagenspezifisches Betriebstagebuch nach Vorgaben der 42. BImSchV
  • Handlungsempfehlungen und Checklisten
  • Überschneidungen zur VDI 2047 Blatt 2
  • Weitere maßgebende Gesetze, Vorschriften und technische Regeln

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