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We make your perfect water.

The fourth amendment of the drinking water ordinance is now a done deal.

On 15/12/2017, the Federal Council adopted new amendments to the drinking water ordinance. The key issues here are exact definitions of already existing regulations which, in the past, were sometimes interpreted in very different ways. Property owners and caretakers now have clearly defined requirements. With their publication in the Federal Bulletin, the amendments are legally binding.

The most relevant facts about the 4th amendment of the drinking water ordinance: 

  • As of now, laboratories are required by law to send positive findings directly to the relevant health authorities.
  • The accredited laboratories must supervise analyses and sampling, meaning that laboratories must work with companies integrated with the quality management system for sampling.
  • The first analysis for implementing the drinking water ordinance for new buildings must be performed within the first three to twelve months after building completion.
  • The term “hazard analysis” is now clearly defined according to the new VDI/BTGA/ZVSHK 6023-2 standard: Hazard analyses that are non-compliant with VDI 6023-2 are no longer recognised by the health authorities.
  • It is not allowed to use physical or chemical processes whose intended use is not for the drinking water supply.
  • It is permitted for up to two years after this ordinance takes effect to continue to use substances or objects already added or processes already in use. This excludes continual disinfection or other unconventional solutions.

The agreed amendments now ensure a standards-compliant implementation of the drinking water ordinance. The responsibility now mainly lies in the hands of professional specialist companies such as Schicht GmbH. With their certified personnel they ensure the exact implementation of all obligations.

For the full text of the 4th amendment of the drinking water ordinances, please visit: www.bundesrat.de


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