We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.

The 42nd BImSchV also applies to the property sector

Since 19 August 2017, the 42nd Federal Immission Control Act (42nd BImSchV) has been in force. It contains numerous new obligations and provisions for operators of evaporative cooling plants and wet scrubbers. The ordinance is based on VDI 2047, Sheet 2. It must be implemented and documented. And: It not only affects large industrial cooling towers, but also all the wet cooling towers and air-conditions systems installed in buildings. So the private and institutional property sector will have to deal with additional obligations in future.

Schicht GmbH easily, reliably and safely ensures implementation

  • Schicht GmbH, an aqua-concept GmbH subsidiary, has many years of experience in professional cooling tower hygiene.
  • Together with their parent company, aqua-concept GmbH, they have already trained and certified more than 800 participants in VDI-GBG partner trainings.
  • More than 200 hazard assessments for cooling towers according to VDI 2047-2 and VDI 4250-2 have been compiled.
  • Schicht GmbH and aqua-concept GmbH are experts for system cleaning / disinfection, systems digitisation / system data collection, system optimisation / operational data collection and legionella / pseudomonas samplings.
  • Schicht GmbH’s many years of experience in drinking water hygiene for the property sector enables consistent service and maximum safety for all water systems.

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