We make your perfect water.
We make your perfect water.
Heat transfer fluids

coracon® cooling media for large motors
No rust. No limescale. Long service life.

The use of cooling media in large industrial motors is a very sensitive area requiring special expertise. Whether food, automotive, seafaring, paper, chemical or pharmaceutical industries: For all fields of application, our R&D department with its many years of experience ensures advanced speciality products meeting the requirements of motor manufacturers as well as CHP unit operators.

Coolant with
frost protection

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Coolant without
frost protection

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Our motor cooling additives are highly effective concentrates to provide prolonged corrosion and cavitation protection for metal surfaces in motor cooling systems. They increase operational safety, reduce operating costs and prolong the service life of motors and systems.

coracon®radiator antifreeze
Ourradiator antifreeze products are also suited for motor cooling systems with a high aluminium content. They offer reliable frost protection down to temperatures of –24°C.

coracon®cooling water preservation
Cooling water preservation reliably protects new motors from corrosion damage. Our coracon® concentrates are free from mineral oil, nitrite and secondary amines. They can be mixed with glycol (MEG or MPG) and achieve prolonged corrosion protection even for drained motors. Our innovative vapour-phase inhibitor even preserves new motors in the test field where only hot water draining is possible.


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