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Customised and integrated water treatment by specialists

Why Water Treatment?
Water Treatment by Specialists
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There is risk in the tiniest droplet – here's how you can protect yourself

Did you know that in 2010, one of the world's worst legionella epidemics broke out in central Germany due to a lack of water treatment? 5 people died in tranquil Ulm, while 64 others became ill as a result of careless handling of water in a combined heat and power plant.

Water Treatment as Prevention

Water means life. But water also means responsibility. Underestimating it can result in massive risks for people and technology – problem situations that a layperson seldom bargains for. This is where we come in. As your capable partner for water treatment, we nip such dangers right in the bud – with forward planning and in a reliable and sustainable manner. 

Why Water Treatment?

  • Because legionella and other microbes in drinking water are a constant danger to health. Since 2011 moreover, property managers, hoteliers and operators of large industrial plants or public facilities have been legally obliged to give evidence of sterile water quality. We're here for you!
  • Because your industrial plant may function smoothly in Germany, but it is threatened by rust after a short time in another country. Associated with loss of production and additional costs. That's because not all water is the same. Even in a major city like Munich, the quality of the drinking water is not the same everywhere.
  • Because drinking water pipelines of inferior quality which are highly susceptible to corrosion are increasingly being installed in Germany on cost-saving grounds.
  • Because calcification is not a problem limited to the human body. This has foreseeable consequences for your potable water system. And because an hygienically critical biofilm of algae in the water system encourages the formation of harmful germs. 

System failures ... Infections ... Deterioration ... Reduced efficiency ...
We protect you from all of these! Put your water treatment in the hands of specialists.

Our response to legionella, rust and limescale: "We'll take care of it!"

The perfect unit for chemical water conditioning

As specialists in chemical water conditioning, we know that every call we get is a new and unique challenge. So we don't have any standard formula, but rather your specific on-site requirements. Only the perfect interaction of a suitable product, our expertise in making optimum use of it and a service customised to your needs guarantees sustained protection for your system or installation. 

Our Products: Comprehensive and Exclusive

To give you an idea: To provide your system or installation with lasting protection and depending on the desired result, we use anticorrosives, hardness stabilisers, rust removal and decalcifying agents, biocides, algicides or fungicides for water conditioning - and only those resources that have convinced us in our decades of experience with their efficiency, quality and environmental friendliness.

If we require a solution for your needs that we can't get on the market, we'll develop it in our in-house laboratory. In the course of our 35-year history, we have thus created a powerful arsenal of over 100 special water conditioning products made by Aqua Concept and Schicht. And we're offering you exclusive access to them.

Moreover, our range of water conditioning products includes private and commercial water softening systems of the best brand quality. Along with a range of standard suppliers here too, we'll also develop project-related special systems for you here.

Our Know-How: Specific and Efficient

Just one example: If we deal with fighting corrosion in your system or installation for instance, we will take water samples in bottles with steel coupons and determine exactly how, when and under what circumstances rust is afflicting your technology. We have no time for "black boxes", but rather make the chemical processes that have a transparent and comprehensible effect on your technology and drinking water. Like a physician, we look very closely at which chemical preparation must be used and in which dosage in order to solve your problem in the most efficient and eco-friendly way. And like a preventive vaccination, we also check and monitor your system to prevent long-term complications. 

Our Service: Sustainable and Complete

We provide you with full service. From the initial assessment to monitoring your system, we've got everything covered. And we don't leave you on your own after a successful application. After getting rid of microbes or corrosion from your system or installation, we check the effectiveness of our measures, make adjustments as required and give it a regular "health check". With our on-site service, we protect you from nasty surprises such as calcification of your water softening system, which needs regular maintenance to keep it working to your requirements

Whatever our suggestion is in your particular case: with everything that we do, we wish to emphasise - even in the face of our competitors - that our water treatment not only cures the symptoms, but also the entire disease. 

All the benefits of water treatment with Aqua Concept - we'll be happy to advise you.

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Water Treatment