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We make your perfect water.

Our GBG partner training for VDI 2047
Ensuring the hygiene-compliant operation of evaporative cooling plants

In our trainings you will find out everything you need to know about the hygienically sound operation of evaporative cooling plants. The workshops are designed for anyone in charge of construction, upkeep and/or maintenance of evaporative cooling plants. The VDI 2047 standards are the prerequisite for implementing the 42nd BImSchV.

Become VDI-certified now

  • We are one of the largest VDI training partners with over 1,350 participants to date.
  • We also offer in-house training courses nationwide on request.
  • With our six own VDI instructors, we offer you a performance guarantee if there are sufficient participants.

As a VDI-GBG training partner we have been conducting VDI-compliant trainings across Germany for several years.
Immediately after the training a written examination according to the specifications of the VDI takes place to the "Hygienisch fachkundigen Person" according to 42nd BImSchV, § 3, paragraph 4.
At least 60 % of each subject area covered must be answered correctly. Participants failing the exam can retake it at a later stage during a complimentary follow-up workshop.
You will receive an original VDI certificate from us once you have passed the exam.

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Who needs our trainings for VDI 2047-2:

  • Operators and maintenance engineers of evaporative cooling plants;
  • System planners;
  • Public officials;
  • Technicians, production engineers;
  • Installers of technical building equipment;
  • Facility managers.

Our workshop topics:

  • Layout and functional operation of evaporative cooling plants;
  • Relevant basic principles of microbiology, occurrence and risks from legionella, medical aspects;
  • Relevant basic principles of water chemistry and corrosion processes;
  • Monitoring of systems;
    • Checking chemical and physical characteristics;
    • Microbiological assays and sampling;
    • Checking the use of biocides;
  • Upkeep of systems, including disinfection;
  • Authoritative laws, regulations and other technical rules;
  • New obligations and tasks resulting from the 42nd BImSchV.
  • Discussion
  • Exam

What is a hygienically competent person?

The 42nd BImSchV requires a "hygienically competent person" to prepare the risk assessment.
The minimum requirements for this person are the training according to VDI 2047 Part 2 or VDI 6022 Part 4 as well as a passed "Hygienically competent person" examination according to 42nd BImSchV, § 3, paragraph 4.
In addition to these minimum requirements, this person should have comprehensive knowledge of the system technology as well as on-site knowledge.



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