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GreenProducts by coracon®
Gut zur Umwelt. Stark im Einsatz. Günstig im Verbrauch.

GreenProducts by coracon®
Good for the environment. Powerful in applications. Economical in use.

We have an integral perspective of climate and environmental protection. When developing our GreenProducts, our main focus is therefore on an eco-conscious choice of raw materials and sustainable production processes.<br/> The entire antifreeze components and inhibitor bundles used in our GreenProducts are made from renewable raw materials. They are non-toxic, biodegradable and not flammable. They contain neither carcinogenic, mutagenic nor reprotoxic substances and can be used in near-food areas without any concerns.<br/> They are produced from nothing but innovative, environmentally friendly and CO2-reduced processes.<br/> Our GreenProducts help you reach your sustainability targets without forgoing quality and performance.



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